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    Talking Points against Sales Tax on Bowling

    • The bill is anti-business; fewer people will bowl; revenue will decline; jobs will be lost; centers may be forced to close.

    • A sales tax on bowling would be disproportionately distributed upon low, moderate and fixed income Ohioans..and would further be unevenly distributed to league bowlers who bowl in a regular 35 week season.

    • Bowling is a great recreational and competitive activity for all ages. With elected officials concerned about obesity issues, bowling gets folks off the couch and engaged in an enjoyable physical activity. Why tax physical fitness and fun? Keep bowling affordable. Bowling is often our Senior Citizens only form of exercise and socialization, especially during Ohio’s long winters. Bowling centers recognize that these seniors are on a fixed budget and offer discounted bowling to keep this an affordable activity. Bowling is accessible to people with varying degrees of abilities. Bowling Centers host leagues for both adults and youth that have mental or physical disabilities. Bowling Centers have specialized equipment for those in wheelchairs. Bowling Centers also host Special Olympics Events. The financial burden of a sales tax could force cuts in some of these programs that could eliminate the only sport in which some disabled can participate.

    • Bowling centers are the “heart” of the community, sponsoring charity fundraisers, providing scholarships for youth bowlers, hosting and supporting high school and college bowling teams, holding local food drives and D.A.R.E. programs.

    • Bowling centers, operating with private funds, provide an unparalleled indoor recreational opportunity compared to the various forms of recreation provided by municipalities using public funds.

    • Neighboring states don’t have a sales tax on bowling…border cities will lose business to centers in those states – especially leagues and tournaments. Major bowling tournaments will select other bowling-friendly states for their events resulting in a reduction of tourism, hotel, restaurant & local merchant business.

    • When New York State thought about implementing a sales tax on bowling, they quickly realized it was a bad idea because of the above reasons. Bowlers are very cost-conscientious…and tournament directors are always looking for the best bang for their tournament participants’ buck. Don’t put Ohio in an uncompetitive position when trying to attract regional and national bowling tournament. Ohio is a big bowling state, they’ve endured enough economic hardship these last few years with the economy, smoking ban, competition from gambling activities – they need an extra 5% tacked on to them like they need a fourth hole drilled in their bowling balls!

    David P. Corey, President
    PACA, Inc.
    3757 Indianola Ave.
    Columbus, OH 43214
    fax 784.9771

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